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What kind of vegetables my hamster can eat


While browsing through some hamster forums and q&a platforms i came across many hamster owners that seem to not know how a proper diet looks like for their little pet. I even read a post of one person who wasn’t aware that hamsters regularly need fresh food.

That’s why I thought I make a small list with all fresh vegetables that you can give our furry little friends without doing any harm, and which ones you should avoid.

You can give your hamster the following vegetables:

    Fresh sweetcorn
    Beet root
    Lettuce and spinach (only small amounts)

Give fresh vegetables once a day. Make sure that you remove all green bits ( i.e. tomato) as well as the soft inside ( i.e. cucumber). Always give just a little bit so that the hamster doesn’t hoard it. If he does, remove it before it starts to rot. Ideally give a choice of 3 to 5 different types of vegetables.

! Do not give:

    Any bulbous plant, like onion or chives
    Any cabbage, like white cabbage, red cabbage or Brussels sprouts
    Raw potato
    Raw peas

These can make your hamster feel ill as they are hard to digest and may cause diarrhoea or flatulence. Ok, that just made me giggle.

More posts will follow with some advice on what fruits, herbs and what kind of protein you can give to get a happy hamster.

By the way, I get most information about hamsters from diebrain, a great and very detailed (German) website with information and guides for rodent owners.

What is your hamsters favourite kind of vegetable? Hazel loves loves loves tomato!