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What kind of vegetables my hamster can eat


While browsing through some hamster forums and q&a platforms i came across many hamster owners that seem to not know how a proper diet looks like for their little pet. I even read a post of one person who wasn’t aware that hamsters regularly need fresh food.

That’s why I thought I make a small list with all fresh vegetables that you can give our furry little friends without doing any harm, and which ones you should avoid.

You can give your hamster the following vegetables:

    Fresh sweetcorn
    Beet root
    Lettuce and spinach (only small amounts)

Give fresh vegetables once a day. Make sure that you remove all green bits ( i.e. tomato) as well as the soft inside ( i.e. cucumber). Always give just a little bit so that the hamster doesn’t hoard it. If he does, remove it before it starts to rot. Ideally give a choice of 3 to 5 different types of vegetables.

! Do not give:

    Any bulbous plant, like onion or chives
    Any cabbage, like white cabbage, red cabbage or Brussels sprouts
    Raw potato
    Raw peas

These can make your hamster feel ill as they are hard to digest and may cause diarrhoea or flatulence. Ok, that just made me giggle.

More posts will follow with some advice on what fruits, herbs and what kind of protein you can give to get a happy hamster.

By the way, I get most information about hamsters from diebrain, a great and very detailed (German) website with information and guides for rodent owners.

What is your hamsters favourite kind of vegetable? Hazel loves loves loves tomato!


Hazel – Small Hamster With Big Appetite

Today I would like to introduce you to my little hamster.

Yes, you hear me right. This is going to happen now. If you want it or not. Because my hamster is awesome!

Let’s start with the basic info.

Hazel is a 5 month old dwarf hamster princess (hybrid) that lives with me and my Ross since 3 months.


Everyone say hi to Hazel!

Since October 2012 she is living in her 3-floor villa, which I built myself.

In her villa, Hazel can live a great hamster life with all the things that make a little hamster heart beat faster – a big wheel, two sand baths, tubes, hiding places (including a super cool underground cave! Which she never uses. D’oh!), a big nest of hay with awesome burrows that she created, a big candy glass filled with sand, a bowl filled with leaves, a massive box filled with corn cob granules for digging, several stones and houses, and many more things. Oh – and food sprinkled everywhere! Because she is a very hungry little hamster.


The Hamster Villa. This does make you feel jealous of her, doesn’t it?

Ok, ok, you got me, I did NOT build it myself.  It was Ross, who tinkered this amazing cage – while I was giving most clever advice obviously. He loves that.

So while we provided Hazel with all possible cool, hidden places and sleeping areas to choose from, she decided to move right behind the wheel. And she hasn’t moved her quarter since.


The toilet that became the sand bath.

Hazel is a very….. special hamster. She chooses to squeeze behind the wheel for sleeping rather than going in to her house, she uses her toilet as a sand bath and she pisses in the wheel instead.

Also, when she runs in her wheel, she stops every few seconds to come out and check where she went to. She can play that game throughout the night and does not get tired of it. What a clever catch she is.

The good thing about living behind the wheel though is that you can always see her.


Hazel at her favorite place – behind the wheel.

During the day, you can watch the little, curled up ball of fluff snoozing. Sometimes she makes funny noises while sleeping. It’s like she is singing! She must be dreaming of food.

All together she sleeps about 18 hours per day (Don’t judge her! Every princess needs her beauty sleep once in a while!). Oh sweet hamster life.

During her sleeping hours she must not be disturbed, or you might die.

Her waking hours are currently from around midnight until 6 in the morning. Also does she briefly come out in the early evening, when it is time for – can you guess it?  Dinner!

When Hazel is not sleeping, her favorite occupation is eating, or doing anything food related. And she takes that business very seriously.


I like to sit in my food bowl.

She requires food. Good food. Lots of food. A bowl the size of herself with plenty of seeds dry food  and a second bowl full of salad like lettuce, tomato, cucumber, broccoli and carrot every day is not enough.

That’s why the hungry little princess has decided to collect a massive mountain of emergency food in the deepest corner of the cage. Just in case!

I’m sure that this mountain alone would get her going for another few weeks.

Because one can never have enough food, she still hyperventilates all the time over excitement from the little snacks that you give her from the hand. While her bowl is still full with food, she hoards the snatched nibbles like there is no tomorrow.

And when the hand is empty, she might discreetly remind you who the (hungry) boss is – by biting you in the finger, that little bitch.

So what do you think. Isn’t Hazel just awesome?