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Springtime at Leeds Castle in Kent, England – Photo Guide

Last year during Easter time I’ve visited Leeds castle and I can say that it is one of the most beautiful and enchanted places that I have seen, with the wide castle grounds making you feel like you are right in a Disney film or The Secret Garden (read here!).

leeds castle lake copy

Leeds Castle is built on one three small islands surrounded by a lake.

cherry blossoms copy

In April, beautiful cherry blossoms bloom everywhere.

cherry blossoms

Who doesn’t get spring fever when seeing these?

leeds castle grounds copy

You can walk through the huge castle grounds and watch squirrels playing in the grass.

leeds castle

The history of Leeds Castle goes back to the eleventh century and the castle had housed many famous people of the past such as King Edward I, King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

purple flowers wall

I couldn’t stop taking photos. There was magic in every corner.

leeds castle cherry blossoms copy

This is one of my favourite shots. The scenery was just so romantic.

leeds castle flowers copy

I’m proud of this shot. No words can describe how lovely this huge meadow of flowers looked.

purple spring flowers leeds castle copy

This shot reminds me of this little guy.

I can highly recommend to everyone to visit Leeds Castle. It’s a must-see for everyone who loves nature, beauty and history! Whether you plan a family day trip, or like to take great photos, or need to de-stress, or simply want to enjoy beeing at one of the most beautuiful spots in England – Leeds Castle will enchant everyone. Let me know what you think of Leeds Castle if you’ve been there!