England and the snow

photo (3)England is wearing its beautiful white dress since Friday. It doesn’t come out very often, but when it does, it results in all kinds of extreme emotions in the country.

When the snow flakes slowly started to create a thin layer of soft, beautiful, white fluff on the paths, the roofs and the fields last Friday, I knew that it was only a matter of time until the big panic will begin.

Two hours  and about 1 inch ( 2.54 centimetres – yes, of course I looked that up!) of snow later the office announced that we can all go home. It was 2pm.

Living here for more than 3 years I got quite used to the fact that snow in England causes these kind of reactions, but still – I can’t help but grinning about this. After all, this has happened every year now, at least since I live here. Is it really such a big surprise?

Schools all over the country close down. Airports cancel 50% of their flights with thousands of passengers being stuck. Chaos on the roads as the cars struggle to cope with the slippery conditions (nobody uses winter tyres). The public transport system is, like every year, completely overstrained by the situation, with trains breaking down due to the snowy condition and icy rails, resulting in amended emergency timetables that won’t work anyway, delayed and cancelled trains and confused and angry people running around like crazy chicken before the big apocalypse (Ok now that made me giggle). This country really needs some German rail engineers to show them how to defrost and how to build proper trains in the first place.

My family from Germany is asking me if I am all right, as global newspapers start to write about the snow havoc that we are facing here on this island.

Yes, I am fine. I might even be able to build a shitty little snowman with the mud that is left by now.

But still, people continue to panic buy groceries in the supermarkets, just in case they might get snowed in and need to survive for several weeks without any connection to the outside. I let them continue freaking out and instead had a look at how beautiful the seafront looked like, with the snow on the palms and the seagulls clumsily toddling over the snow – I love winter!


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