Try out your nail polish on tips

If you are one of these girls who cannot get enough nail polish and who likes to try different colours and glitters together to get the best combinations you should get yourself some tips to try your nail polish on.



Cotton buds glued on a nail tip. Makes it so much easier to apply and test your nail polish!

I usually get myself the extreme curved nail tips because they look lovely and they give your nails this natural curve.

My tip box has 10 different tip sizes, from which I only use 4 – the rest goes in the bin, OR as you can see in the picture, I glue them on a cotton bud. For this I use super glue or the glue I use for gluing the tips on my nails (Pardon my English! I am no native and also I am hungry!).

This little idea makes it so much easier to try out your newest possession, without possibly messing up your nails!

This is how my nails look currently with the curved nail tips on:

photo (1)

My nails without any nail polish




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