Hi there! I’m blogging!

I always wanted my own blog.
When my friend came up to me recently to show me her new blog, I hence was like:

Meeh I want a blog as well!!

Ok, Tina, calm down, you can have one as well. Here you go – your very own blog. Congratulations!

YAY I finally made it!!…And now what?

I don’t know. I guess I just go with the flow and see what it comes up with. After all there are so many amazing things that I can write about!

About life with its crazy ups and downs! (The ups obviously outbalancing the downs. I’m a winner of life!)

About food! (I love food. And wine. Not sure about the cooking. But I definately love food, yes.)

About fitness and exercising! ( If I wouldn’t move my ass to the gym from time to time, it would enhance itself faster than JLo would like it. Reason therefore could be the fact that I love food. Also I love work-outs and what they do to me physically and mentally.)

About creative things! (Ah, these days when all you had to care about was whether the pink or red colour goes better with your painting of a flower field. I used to draw and paint when I was younger. I also used to play piano and I definately want to catch up on this. I generally love doing DIY stuff when I actually get time for it. Yes I know – it is all about priorities. I’m trying to get back to being more creative! It’s a good thing to do!)

About books! (Due to my daily super long commutes I am forced to entertain myself as good as possible in order to not freak out by constant train delays, cancellations, snoring fellow passengers, crying kids, smelly skanks, and generally overcrowded train coaches. That’s why I read. Very advanced stuff. Harry Potter, The Hobbit, you know what I’m taking about. The hard stuff.)

About success and my life as a professional! (Although being a Disney Princess in real life there is this other reality where I have to be a proper grown up with everything that comes with it, you know, making decisions, looking serious, drinking coffee, etc)

About travelling! (I always loved seeing different places. The world is so beautiful and it would be a shame if I would have to leave this place that is so full of wonders, without having seen it properly!)

About love, about relationships, about men ( I might need a whole section for this!)

About fashion (Not a fan of brands, but making great bargains!), hair styles (I love long hair!), nail art (I’m a nail fairy myself!)

About fat animals (Gotta love a nice, slightly obese cat in your life to cuddle with after a hard working day! Also, I am the proud owner of a wonderful little piece of fluff that is called Hazel that is a dsungarian dwarf hamster. Yeah I know, I’m such a cool kid!)

Ok, now I’m getting bored. This blogging thing is hard work I’m telling you! I’m switching my laptop off now.

Wait! Oh my god, did I just write my first ever blog post? HA! I’m great!

Nobody should read this ever, seriously. Good night.


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